asbestos protection sydney

Ausbestos has years of experience in asbestos removal and disposal, carrying out hundreds of jobs where asbestos is present ensuring that it is dealt with in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.
Ausbestos is fully qualified and insured to carry out any asbestos removal project - no matter the size or location of the job. Once contracted, we will lodge all of the necessary asbestos permits and notifications with Work Cover to ensure our removal is carried out within the guidelines of Australian law and regulation. We also notify all surrounding neighbours of the site as to when the asbestos removal will take place and the methods of which we will use to ensure their safety. This is done via both letter box drops and verbally where applicable.
Upon completion of the asbestos removal we dispose of the asbestos safely and in accordance with Australian law. We are environmentally and safety conscious and take every step we can in ensuring asbestos does not enter the environment or affect the public in any form. On completion of the Asbestos removal we will inspect the site and certify the removal has taken place successfully. A clearance certificate is issued where required which you can submit to council records, which may be required prior to further development of the area.

  • Asbestos licence: AD211382
  • Demolition Licence: AD210507
  • ABN: 65 148 079 403
  • ACN: 148 079 403
  • P/N: SYCAS12417961