About us

Ausbestos is Sydney’s trusted name in asbestos removal. We specialise in removing asbestos from domestic dwellings and have spent the last five years giving Sydney families peace of mind.

Our experienced team will identify, remove and safely dispose of any and all asbestos products present on your property and we are more than happy to talk you through the removal process. As well as removing non-friable asbestos products from your home we can also perform asbestos remediation on any contaminated soil. 

You can take a look at our full list of services below or click here to get in contact with us. 


  • Asbestos licence: AD211382
  • Demolition Licence: AD210507
  • ABN: 65 148 079 403
  • ACN: 148 079 403
  • P/N: SYCAS12417961

Our Services

Certified & Accredited Inspection

Thinking of renovating or demolishing an older dwelling that you suspect contains asbestos? One of our licensed and accredited inspectors can check the property and identify any asbestos onsite. This includes asbestos in the home, asbestos in any small structures like a shed or an external laundry, and asbestos in the soil. 


Licensed Removal

Ausbestos has a class B Asbestos Removal Licence. Our staff are fully qualified to remove any non-friable asbestos products that may be present in your home or on your property. 


Asbestos Disposal

In NSW the disposal of asbestos is highly regulated by the State Environment Protection Authority. We can organise the disposal of asbestos - whether it is asbestos removed by us or any other asbestos on the site -  in a safe manner that is inline with these regulations. 


Contaminated Soil  Remediation

Unfortunately, soil contaminated with chunks of asbestos containing material is very common throughout Sydney. This is usually the result of previous contractors trying to cut costs by burying asbestos fragments instead of legally disposing of them. If you do find asbestos contaminated soil on your property we can remove it quickly and safely.  


Clearance Certification

In order to build on a site that was contaminated with asbestos,  an asbestos clearance certificate must be submitted to your local council. Ausbestos can arrange an independent asbestos assessor to provide this documentation for you.