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Up until the early 90’s, asbestos saw frequent and widespread use in the construction industry. This means that if your home was built or renovated before 1991, there is a good chance it contains asbestos in one form or another. 

This is where we come in!

The team at Ausbestos specialises in giving families like yours peace of mind by safety removing  any asbestos present in the home. So, don't leave your family at risk, contact us now to organise a free quote and inspection from one our our licensed and accredited assessors.  

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Asbestos in Australia

Asbestos was not banned in Australia until 2003. This means that if your property was built or renovated before this date it is likely to contain some asbestos. Houses built prior to 1976 often contain large amounts of asbestos, with approximately 98% of homes built after 1954 relying heavily on asbestos fibre cement and roofing materials.