Asbestos In The Home

Although the qualities in which asbestos possesses (thermally stable, electrically resistant and non-flammable) are generally indicative to the places that this substance may be utilised in an average home, there are many areas which may not be as apparent. 

  1. Corrugated Cement Roofing
  2. Exterior Cladding
  3. Water Pipe Insulation
  4. Stove Insulation
  5. Textured Paint
  6. Flue Pipes
  7. Eaves
  8. Bathroom Linings
  9. Wall Cladding
  10. Guttering
  11. Downpipes
  12. Thermal Insulation
  13. Service Meter Boxes
  14. Vinyl & Linoleum Flooring
  15. Wiring
  16. Hotwater Systems

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