The management of products and materials containing asbestos in Australia is a strongly overseen and regulated process with various administrative bodies and NGOs closely monitoring the prevalence and containment across NSW and Australia. Only specially licensed technicians are legally allowed to remove and dispose of asbestos.
Don’t risk exposing yourself or others to the dangers of asbestos

Certified & Accredited Inspection

If your property is old enough to warrant the consideration of renovations or demolition, chances are likely that it will contain asbestos. We can help by scientifically identifying areas of concern and create an action plan as to how the situation will be best addressed.


Asbestos Disposal

The NSW Environment Protection Authority regulates the location and times that asbestos can be safely disposed of. Operating in a completely transparent fashion, we provide copies of receipts and other documentation for your council records.


Licenced Removal

Our project managers work closely with you to ensure your asbestos removal needs are thoroughly satisfied. We pride ourselves upon transparency and will gladly answer any questions pertaining to the project before, during or after work has been completed.


Contaminated Soil  Remediation

Asbestos contaminated soil is common in and around Sydney, generally as a result of contaminated fill utilised from construction or previous renovations. This was a widespread practice among contractors of yesteryear attempting to reduce tipping fees.


Clearance Certification

Clearances Certificates are required to be submitted to your local council prior to future development and they can only be issued by an independent occupational consultant or licensed asbestos assessor.