November Is National Asbestos Awareness Month

Today marks the beginning of National Asbestos Awareness Month for 2017.  The month long campaign takes place every November and aims to educate Australians on the dangers of asbestos. 

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Sure, it might seem obvious, but asbestos still poses a huge risk to most Australians. Although asbestos has been banned since 2003, Australians still suffer from one of the highest rates of asbestos related disease in the world and the instance of asbestos related diseases is unfortunately on the rise

Since home renovators and tradespeople are the most at risk of asbestos exposure, the 2017 campaign has adopted the tagline Renovating? Go Slow! Asbestos it's a No Go. 


Although the campaign aims to share a variety of asbestos related safety messages, its key message is that many homes contain asbestos, not just those made from fibro. Asbestos is common in most homes built or renovated as late as 1990, and can be found in a variety of places like under floor coverings, in cement floors, in roofing or even in old dog kennels!

Australian actor and Wolf Creek star, John Jarratt, is the offical face of the campaign for 2017. John is a passionate asbestos safety advocate, being all too familiar with the dangers of asbestos after loosing his close friend, actor Harold Hopkins, in 2011 to mesothelioma caused by exposure to the deadly mineral. 

Wolf Creek star, John Jarratt, is the face of the Asbestos Awareness Month for 2017

Wolf Creek star, John Jarratt, is the face of the Asbestos Awareness Month for 2017

When asked about his involvement in the campaign he said that 'Having the opportunity to warn people about the dangers [of asbestos] is very personal and important to me. I'm delighted to be on board to support this important message'. 

As a business involved with the removal and disposal of asbestos, Ausbestos is a passionate supporter of National Asbestos Awareness Month. We are excited to continue to educate the public about the dangers of asbestos and be involved in its safe removal and disposal.

Asbestos awareness month runs from November 1-30. To find out more or to get involved check out the Asbestos Awareness month website. 

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